"Presenting A Model for Digital Humanities Collaboration between Universities, Communities, Local and Public Partners: The Eastern Himalaya Research Network" - (August 13 and 14, 9 am-12 noon; Instructional Centre, UTSC): Part of Digital Pedagogy Institute, University of Toronto Scarborough, August 11-15, 2014.

The Eastern Himalaya Research Network (EHRN) brings together stakeholders for cross-disciplinary research and promotion of the history and culture of the Himalayas. In this network, scholars, graduate students, educators at all levels, and key community partners collaborate on the production and enrichment of existing and emerging cultural collections. Utlilizing an Islandora framework for long-term stewardship of born-digital and digitized materials, EHRN moves beyond dissemination to forge a web-based collaborative space for discovering and working with oral histories, journals, periodicals, newspapers, photographs, and other relevant publications in a variety of languages. EHRN aims to serve the dual needs of researchers and the Himalayan community, and make available the cultural productions and outputs of this region locally and globally. The project aims to move beyond conventional models of academic practice and collaboration to construct a dynamic body of digital work and digitized historical assets from the region. Finally, the project aims to prototype new models of scholarship and digital practice that benefit communities as well as academies. 

Presentation Materials